Ride the Metro with your nol card and you could win an iPhone.

Ride the Metro with your nol card and you could win an iPhone 5

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has launched a month-long promotional campaign runs through February 2022 in which they will give away an iPhone 5 every day in an effort to get more people on the Dubai Metro.

Beginning Friday, commuters who use the metro twice or more per day will be eligible to win.

“When a person travels twice or more a day on Dubai Metro, the tapped NOL card number, located on the backside of your NOL card, will be automatically entered into the lucky draw. There will be a winner every day,” said Ramadan Abdullah, director of operations at RTA’s Rail Agency.

Surprisingly, the more trips a person takes on the metro per day, the better his chances.

“This is part of our efforts to encourage public transport ridership and if somebody uses [the] metro more he will be in with more chance to win the iPhone 5,” Abdullah said

How to check the iPhone 5 winner from nol card?

The winning NOL card number will be posted on the RTA’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as at metro stations, on a daily basis.

Every day around noon, the prize will be given away at one of the metro stations.

“People should look for their number on the back of their NOL card and refer to the announcement to check if they have won. Winners should immediately call RTA,” informed Ramadan.

The offer is valid on all existing and new cards, including monthly and student passes, as well as silver, gold, and blue cards. Red tickets are not included in that.

Nol cards could be used to pay for parking as well as travel on the metro, buses, and waterbuses.

Dial 0554704724 to claim the prize.

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