How to File a Complaint in Ajman Police?

How to File a Complaint in Ajman Police?

Police Station in Ajman

Ajman Police

Location: Ajman, UAE

Ajman Police General Command, and it was entrusted with the tasks of maintaining security within the community in the Emirate of Ajman at that period, and it consisted of two main units, namely studies, and traffic regulation, Ajman Fort, the first police headquarters.



How to File a Complaint in Ajman Police?

Go to the Police Station: You can visit the nearest police station in Ajman to file a complaint. You may need to go to the station that has jurisdiction over the area where the incident occurred.

Speak to the Front Desk Officer: Once you are at the police station, approach the front desk officer or the duty officer. Explain your situation and provide all the necessary details related to the incident.

Fill Out a Complaint Form: The police may ask you to fill out a formal complaint form. Provide accurate and detailed information about the incident, including dates, times, locations, and descriptions of the individuals involved.

Provide Supporting Documents: If you have any supporting documents, such as photographs, identification, or other evidence related to the incident, make sure to submit them along with your complaint.

Request a Copy of the Complaint: After submitting your complaint, ask for a copy of the filed complaint. This can be important for your records and future reference.

Follow up:  Inquire about the process and ask for a contact person or reference number to follow up on the status of your complaint.

Use Online Services (if available): Some police departments provide online platforms or mobile applications where you can submit complaints. Check the official website of the Ajman Police for any online services that may be available.

Contact Ajman Police Customer Service: If you have difficulty visiting the police station in person, you can contact the Ajman Police customer service hotline. They may guide you on the procedures and offer assistance.

Sharjah Emergency Numbers

Emergency Phone Number
Ambulance 998; 999
Civil Defence/Fire 997 
Police 999
Sharjah Police Headquarters  +971-6-563-3333
Sharjah Police General Directorate (Traffic) +971-6-563-3333; +971-6-563-3332
Electricity 991
Water  992

List of Police Stations in Ajman, UAE

View the List of Police Stations in Ajman, UAE through the above link.

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