What is Nol pass? Eligibility. Cost. Procedure to apply Nol Pass

What is Nol pass / Nol travel pass?

  • Nol pass is a travel pass to travel unlimited times through any public transport in Dubai, UAE except buses across cities.
  • Customers who do not have a nol card or nol card balance can use nol pass to travel in any public transport.
  • They will receive a ticket via SMS message in their mobile number which is valid for 3 hours.
  • It can be extended.
  • Nol Pass can be used unlimited times in a day and can be loaded to nol card or nol ticket

Eligibility: All individuals (nol red ticket holder, 7 day pass holder, personalised/registered nol card holders)

Nol Pass cost: 10.5 dirhams (10.53 dirhams including value added tax)

How to apply for Nol travel pass?

Customers can purchase a Nol travel pass through

  1. SMS
  2. All the metro and tram stations
  3. Ticket vending offices at the bus stations
  4. Nol pay app

1. Procedure to buy / purchase the Nol travel pass via SMS

  1. Send SMS “nolpass” to 7704 from your mobile number.
  2. Customer will receive a confirmation message along with the ticket number
  3. Validity of the Nol Pass is 3 hours.
  4. Customers will receive the reminder 15 minutes before the ticket expires whether they want to extend.
  5. If you need to extend the hour, send message as “Y”.
  6. The ticket will be extended to another 3 hours.

Note: If the customer exceed the validity of the nol pass, the fine of 200 AED will be imposed.

For more details, visit here

2. How to buy / purchase the nol travel pass at the bus / metro / tram station?

  1. Go to the nearest station
  2. Request for the nol pass
  3. Pay the required amount.
  4. Once the payment is done, the card will be activated in 30 minutes.

3. How to buy / purchase the nol travel pass using the nol Pay app?

  1. HUAWEI  smartphone users can download the nol pay app from HUAWEI AppGallery.
  2. Buy a Virtual nol card through the nol Pay app
  3. Swipe it in the Huawei Wallet app.
  4. Click “Buy Travel Pass”
  5. Make the payment for the travel pass value using the credit card or debit card.
  6. Once the payment is done, the card will be activated immediately.

For more information regarding nol pay app: how to use the app, ways to top up /recharge, visit here

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