101 created a toll-free number for every Etisalat client

Abu Dhabi, there is now a single toll-free line, 101, where all Etisalat customers can get free customer service.

This number used to be charged from mobile phones. Calling 101 from Etisalat GSM or Wasel mobiles and fixed-lines will provide you access to all Etisalat customer support numbers, which will be merged on April 8.

When someone calls 101, Etisalat will now answer in Arabic, English, Hindi, and Malayalam in addition to Urdu and Hindi.

The newly redesigned 24-hour service, which combines 800-6100 (Internet support services), 800-5500 (E-Vision services), 800-6464 (mobile value-added services), 800-3463 (e-shop online services), and 171 (fault reporting center), will enable callers to learn about Etisalat’s current special offers and promotions, quickly and conveniently subscribe to the same services, discuss billing details, get clarification on items that have been billed, request general information, receive technical support, and report faults for mobile, landline, internet, TV products, and Etisalat online service.

Customers can still use the Etisalat Directory Enquiries Service, 181, to get contact details, as it hasn’t changed.

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