New Nol, ticket vending machines with real time bus schedules at the Dubai bus stations

New Nol, ticket vending machines have been deployed at bus stops in Dubai

In December, the Department of Transportation announced plans to roll out an automated fare collection system for Abu Dhabi buses. The system has yet to be implemented by the authority.

Payments can now be made using a debit or credit card, as well as virtualized Nol cards, at many ticket vending machines located across Dubai’s bus stops.

If the banknotes received exceed the billed amount, the machines might also return change.

Currently, three ticket vending machines are located within the bus terminal, which is located next to Al Wahda Mall.

The Department of Transportation (DoT) indicated in December that the system would be live this year, but no specific date was given. The authority said earlier this month that it was still putting the system through its paces.

The RTA has also installed 133 smart Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) panels at 13 public bus terminals and five bus stops to display real-time updates of bus timings. (AW)

According to the Department of Transportation they were planning to install up to 70 ticket  vending machines at all bus stations in Abu Dhabi. These locations are  Al Ain, and the Western Region, and near AC bus shelters and retail malls.

Al Awadhi added: “These screens will provide public bus passengers with instant updates of bus time, thereby saving passengers’ waiting time and enabling them to modify their journey plans in the event of any emergency changes or rescheduling of services.”

In addition, a screen displayed on which the bus schedule could be updated in real time.

According to the official, these devices conduct different tasks required by public transportation riders with exceptional accuracy and efficiency.

After the card is launched, cardholders can purchase and personalise their cards with names and photographs at ticket offices in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, the Western area, and some customer service centres, as well as renew them, pay penalties for disobeying public transportation rules, and report a lost card.

Passengers currently pay their money to the driver, who then issues a ticket using a portable machine.

The automatic fare also improve road safety.

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