How to File a Complaint in Sharjah Police?

How to File a Complaint in Sharjah Police?

Police Station in Sharjah

A police station in Sharjah, as in any other city or jurisdiction, is a facility established by law enforcement authorities to serve as a local center for police activities. It typically functions as a base for police officers, providing a location for administrative tasks, coordination of law enforcement efforts, handling public inquiries and reports, and sometimes as a holding area for detainees. The police station is an essential element in maintaining public safety, enforcing laws, and addressing various issues within the community.

How to File a Complaint in Sharjah Police?

Filing a complaint with the Sharjah Police typically involves visiting a police station in person. Keep in mind that procedures may change, so it’s always a good idea to check the latest information on the official Sharjah Police website or contact them directly for the most accurate and up-to-date instructions.

Nearest Police Station: Head to the nearest police station in Sharjah. You can find the location of police stations on the Sharjah Police website or inquire locally.

Speak to the Reception Desk: Once at the police station, approach the reception desk and inform them that you would like to file a complaint. They will guide you on the necessary steps.

Provide Information: You’ll be asked to provide details about the incident or issue for which you want to file a complaint. Be as specific and accurate as possible. This may include personal details, the nature of the incident, date, time, and any other relevant information.

Complete Complaint Form: You may be required to fill out a complaint form. The form will typically ask for your personal details, the details of the incident, and any supporting evidence you may have.

Submit Identification: It’s important to carry a valid form of identification with you, such as a passport or Emirates ID, as it may be required during the complaint filing process.

Follow-Up: Ask about the process and inquire about any follow-up steps you may need to take. It’s essential to note any reference numbers or contact details provided.

Collect the Acknowledgment: After filing the complaint, you may be given an acknowledgment or a copy of the complaint. This document may contain important information, including a reference number, which you can use for future inquiries.

Sharjah Traffic & Licensing Services

View the Sharjah Traffic & Licensing Services through the above link.

Sharjah Emergency Numbers

Emergency Phone Number
Ambulance 998; 999
Civil Defence/Fire 997 
Police 999
Sharjah Police Headquarters  +971-6-563-3333
Sharjah Police General Directorate (Traffic) +971-6-563-3333; +971-6-563-3332
Electricity 991
Water  992

Sharjah Police Services

  • Public Services
  • Police Services
  • Punitive and Correctional Facility Services
  • Traffic and Licensing Services

List of Police Stations in Sharjah, UAE

View the List of Police Stations in Sharjah, UAE through the above link.

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