RTA lowers the speed limit on Al Ittihad Road, which connects Sharjah and Dubai

The speed limit on Al Ittihad Road, between Sharjah and Al Garhoud Bridge, has been reduced from 100 km/h to 80 km/h, with effect from November 20, 2023, by decision made by Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and the Dubai Police General Headquarters.

Based on a recent study that examined the quantity of entrances and exits, the proximity of intersections, the frequency of traffic accidents, and the most recent upgrades and developments in the area, this decision has been coordinated with the Dubai Police General Headquarters.

The previous maximum speed of 100 km/h will be replaced with 80 km/h on traffic signs along Al Ittihad Road in the area between Sharjah and Al Garhoud Bridge. According to the relevant traffic safety requirements, the start of the speed reduction zone will be indicated by red lines to improve driver awareness.

The RTA is eager to regularly examine the speed limits on the primary thoroughfares in Dubai. RTA does this while adhering to the most recent international standards and the Dubai Speed Management Manual. In order to achieve the best possible balance between speed limits, traffic flow, and incident rates, the manual establishes criteria.

RTA emphasized how crucial it is to work with Dubai Police General Headquarters to take coordinated preventive actions, such modifying radars. A number of engineering standards and factors, such as the actual speed that most drivers observe (the 85th percentile speed) and the speed of the road design, are taken into consideration when modifying speed limits. Urbanization along the route, pedestrian activity, the existence of essential infrastructure, the frequency of traffic accidents in the past, and the volume of traffic on the road are other factors.


RTA speed limit Dubai Sharjah

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