RTA broadens the nol network(outlets) for micropayments in Dubai

After the recent addition of Oneprepay Company, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority has announced that it is working to increase the number of locations where nol card Micropayment services can be used in collaboration with three service aggregators.

“We had started this year the activation of nol cards POS with our new partner Oneprepay company, this activation will be phased out targeting (8000) Oneprepay outlets between 2022-2025,” said Amani Al Muhairi, Director of the Automated Collection Systems Department at RTA’s Corporate Technical Support Services Sector.

“The number of outlets using the nol card Micropayment facilities with our current partners is 14,000 thousand selling points, and with Oneprepay coming on board the number will increase to more than 22,000 thousand outlets by 2025. We are always keen to expand and improve RTA’s services to bring more happiness to the community in line with the ongoing development in Dubai and across the UAE,” added Al Muhairi.

“Opening the door for public transport commuters to use nol cards to pay for their purchases is in line with RTA’s 3rd Strategic Goal (People Happiness). RTA always seeks to bring happiness to citizens, residents, tourists and visitors by offering them safe, advanced and secure solution to raise the standard of their living. To achieve this, RTA is working closely with a host of reputed international companies,” concluded Al Muhairi.

Along with the retail establishments, the nol card allows for free public access to the Etihad Museum and the Dubai Municipality’s public parks. For using nol cards at the smart gates to pay entrance fees at public parks in Dubai, RTA received the IDC Digital Transformation Award from DX a few years back. DX is a global provider of digital solutions.

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