Sajja Comprehensive Police Station Sharjah Phone Number, Email, Address, How to File a Complaint?

Sajja Comprehensive Police Station in Emirates Industrial City, Sharjah, UAE Customer Care Phone Number, Email, Address, Hours, App and Social Media

Police Station in Sharjah

A police station in Sharjah, as in any other city or jurisdiction, is a facility established by law enforcement authorities to serve as a local center for police activities. It typically functions as a base for police officers, providing a location for administrative tasks, coordination of law enforcement efforts, handling public inquiries and reports, and sometimes as a holding area for detainees. The police station is an essential element in maintaining public safety, enforcing laws, and addressing various issues within the community.

Address: Emirates Industrial City – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates

Phone: +97165633333



Sharjah Police Website:

Map: View Google direction here.

About Sharjah Police

Formed: 1967

Common name: Sharjah Police

Population: 1,830,000

The Sharjah Police Force was established in 1967 by the then-ruler of Sharjah, Trucial States, Khalid bin Mohammed Al Qasimi. Initially established as a citywide force, with the foundation of the United Arab Emirates in December 1971, the force took up a federal role and reported to the UAE Ministry of the Interior.

Sharjah Traffic & Licensing Services

View the Sharjah Traffic & Licensing Services through the above link.

Sharjah Police Services

  • Public Services
  • Police Services
  • Punitive and Correctional Facility Services
  • Traffic and Licensing Services

How to File a Complaint in Sharjah Police?

Check the Procedure to File a Complaint in Sharjah Police through the above link.

How to use Najeed Service to report any crime and suspicious activities in Sharjah?

  • Visit the website / application
  • Click Policing services under the menu services
  • Click Najeed
  • Complete the required details and submit the form

Sharjah Emergency Numbers

Emergency Phone Number
Ambulance 998; 999
Civil Defence/Fire 997 
Police 999
Sharjah Police Headquarters  +971-6-563-3333
Sharjah Police General Directorate (Traffic) +971-6-563-3333; +971-6-563-3332
Electricity 991
Water  992

How to apply and obtain Police Clearance Certificate from Sharjah Police?

Check the Procedure to apply and obtain Police Clearance Certificate from Sharjah Police through the above link.

How to Reach  Sajja Comprehensive Police Station, Sharjah by Bus / Metro?

By Bus


By Metro


List of Police Stations in Sharjah, UAE

View the List of Police Stations in Sharjah, UAE through the above link.

Download Sharjah Police App from Google Play Store, Android/Apple store, mac, ios

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