Sheikh Khalifa General Hospital in Al Qraun, Umm Al Quawain Contact Details, Fees, How to Book an Appointment Online?

Sheikh Khalifa General Hospital in Al Qraun, Umm Al Quawain, UAE Customer Care Phone Number, Email, Address, Hours, How to Reach by Bus / Metro?

Hospital in Umm Al Quawain

Hospitals in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) serve the same fundamental purpose as hospitals in other parts of the world. They are institutions dedicated to providing medical care, treatment, and support to individuals who are ill, injured, or in need of medical attention. However, there are some unique aspects to hospitals in the UAE due to the country’s cultural, social, and regulatory context.

Address: Opp. Ministry of Social Affairs – Al Salmah – Al Qraun 1 – Umm Al Quawain – United Arab Emirates

Phone: +97167061111


Hours: Monday to Thursday, 7:30am-4:45pm, Friday, 7:30am-12:30pm, Saturday and Sunday, Closed

Website: Sheikh Khalifa General Hospital

Map: View Google direction here.

About Sheikh Khalifa General Hospital


Sheikh Khalifa General Hospital Speciality


How to book an appointment with Sheikh Khalifa General Hospital in Umm Al Quawain?

  • Visit Sheikh Khalifa General Hospital
  • Enter your “Patient Name, Phone Number and Email Address”
  • Choose your “Preffered Specialist”
  • Select your “Date and Time”
  • Click “Request for Appointment”

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How to Reach Sheikh Khalifa General Hospital, Umm Al Quawain by Bus / Metro / Taxi?

By Bus

By Metro

By Taxi

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