Prize of 1 Million nol points for the celebration of Public Transport day in Dubai

From October 25, the celebration Public Transport day starts under health theme which includes prizes, treasure hunt. For the celebration of 13 th annual Public Transport Day by Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), they have initiated a theme to encourage people to use the Dubai transport and win the unbelievable prizes, tresure hunt, 1 million nol points for the nol user

When is the RTA Dubai Public Transport day 2022?

On November 1, Tuesday will be the public transport day.

What to do?

  • Members have to register online on nol plus website loyalty programme to know more about the surprises and enjoy the prizes on offer during the celebrations.
  • Public transport users nol plus points will be tripled during the campaign running from October 25 to November 1, where they will be offered nol plus points during the campaign can be used later discounts
  • The very first winner will be awarded 1 million nol points during the main event on the Public Transport Day
  • The second winner will be awarded 500,000 nol points during the main event on the Public Transport Day
  • The third winner will be awarded 250,000 nol points during the main event on the Public Transport Day

What is included

Concept / theme: ‘Speed up… Slowdown’ Caring for physical and mental health

Day1: Sports and health activities / exercises including the ‘Stop to Move’ initiative that encourages healthy lifestyles on board public transport means, and ‘Quick Relaxation’ in the tram and marine transport means and marine transit means.

The initiative sends WhatsApp message notifications in specific geographic zones to passengers (within a radius of 500m around each station) urging them to meditate, relax and adopt correct breathing techniques.

Health map
Among the initiatives, there will be a digital map of all health facilities along the public transport routes, which can be easily downloaded by scanning a smart code. These places may include parks, jogging tracks, fitness centres, and retail stores for health products and others. Prizes will be presented to the winners of sports competitions and exercises at certain places within the public transport domain to motivate the practice of sports during the campaign.

Treasure hunt
This year’s edition of the Public Transport Day celebration includes the ‘Treasure Hunt’ fun competition, which will start on November 1. This year, the competition will blend the real and virtual worlds to discover the hidden treasure, be it genuine coins hidden in various public transport stations across Dubai. It can also be virtual currencies obtained digitally. Clues will be offered to passengers by social medial influencers.

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