UAE New law 2024: Lift travel ban, Release Pending Bank dues Automatically after cleared

A new mechanism that releases blocked bank funds and immediately lifts travel bans upon payment of fees

All judicial enforcement decisions in the UAE and the region are now automatically tracked by a first-of-its-kind technology, which also cancels them after the necessary amount of money has been paid. The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department has implemented a new system that monitors the status of payments and reverses the initial ruling after the defendant has finished paying. This is then sent to the appropriate authorities after receiving electronic approval.

People won’t have to deal with the trouble of obtaining documentation for proof of payment and cancellation thanks to this new method. Additionally, this guarantees that the procedure is followed without the need for judges or law police involvement.

Through the smart app, responders can download a copy of the cancellation decision in the event that travel bans are enforced for nonpayment. Then, if necessary, they might present the soft copy and continue with the trip formalities.

However, if an arrest warrant is issued for nonpayment or if a seizure order is placed on deposits or bank accounts because a particular sum has not been paid, the responder may lift the decision by presenting a tangible copy of the cancellation.

Along with updates regarding follow-ups and case monitoring for the respondent, this new method immediately notifies judges and officers via the in-house digital system.

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